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Product Videos

NeoCon® 2016
Introducing EcoVeil Sheer

NeoCon 2015
The SoHo Collection

The award-winning MagnaShade® System is a superwide shading superstar.

NeoCon 2014
VP of Sales Susan Rieser demos ShadeLoc®.

MechoSystems at Greenbuild 2013
Bill Maiman of MechoSystems highlights the advantages of the shades used in the Pedia-Pod at Greenbuild 2013.

Why MechoShades?

NeoCon 2013
MechoSystems debuts MagnaShade®.

NeoCon 2013
VP of Sales Susan Rieser demos MagnaShade®.

NeoCon 2012
President Jan Berman talks product innovation.

NeoCon 2011
Susan Rieser introduces the new company name.

NeoCon 2010
Interior Design explores the latest products.

NeoCon 2009
President Jan Berman demos WhisperShade® solutions.

NeoCon 2008
The sustainable EcoVeil® shadecloth makes its debut.