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Shades Up, Lights Down.

MechoAutomation, MechoSystems' family of automated-shading and energy-management systems, consists of:

• SolarTrac® — Ultimate in WindowManagement®.
• SunDialer® — Economical WindowManagement®.
• Daylighting Control — Wireless WindowManagement®.

The automated shade-control systems maximize daylighting by moving shade bands up and down on the window. The systems also dim down and turn up the electric lights, in relation to the amount of natural light in the space. The shades and the lights are controlled in tandem, to conserve energy.

• Rooftop radiometers track real-time sky conditions outside.
• Throughout the day, sensors monitor brightness levels inside.
• Shade bands are adjusted to their ideal positions, and the electric lights are also regulated.
• Brightness levels are controlled and sun glare is reduced.
• Thereby natural light is optimized for occupants.

This ensures energy—and money—is saved.

Learn more about the measurable savings provided by MechoAutomation. And then, go get credit for it.