Specialty Shades
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Specialty Shades
Flat SkyLighter® Shades
  • Tensioned
  • Non-tensioned
  • Soft-Fold SkyLighter® Shades
  • Gravity Drop
  • Horizontal
  • Optional SkyLighter Accessories

    Specialty Shades

    Full spectrum of shading solutions includes:
    • Configurations and models for atypical fenestration where
      unusual shade geometries are mandated.
    • Ideal solutions for abnormal or unusual window-opening
    • Shades for sloped, large, and stationary conditions and
      wide, curved expanses for draperies.
    • Technically advanced automation features.
    • Any and every window configuration for protection from
      direct solar gain and intense sun glare.

    Monumental shades
    An adaptive shading system:
    • Necessary for effective shading in areas with very
      large windows.
    • Using powerful ElectroShade® motors.

    A unique, two-layer insulating shading system:
    • Can include: (1) a solar screen shadecloth on the room side,
      with (2) tinted MirroFilm Mylar® or a blackout shadecloth
      on the window side.
    • Provides a single tube, which accommodates a
      double-layer band with a SnapLoc® spline for
      easy removal.

    Bottom-up shades
    A flexible shading system:
    • Operates in the same manner—but with a roller tube at
      the bottom—as other MechoSystems shades.
    • Provides a necessary solution for privacy requirements on
      the lower floors of a building, especially the ground floor.
    • Includes side guide wires to map shades of all shapes
      and sizes.

    Sloped shades
    A distinct and effective shading system:
    • Includes side guide wires with a roller tube—like
      bottom-up shades—to map the movement of shades and
      to precisely follow slope angles.
    • Provides smooth operation for flat or soft-fold shadecloths.
    SkyLighter® shades
    A well-engineered shading system:
    • Reduces heat gain and glare, which transmit
      through skylights.
    • Offers a flat or soft-folded alternative to fully drawn
      (or closed) shades.
    • Accommodates a wide range of shapes, angles,
      and sizes.

    Fixed shades
    A static window covering:
    • Is suitable for almost any shadecloth type or
      window geometry.
    • Provides solar protection and natural-light distribution in
      circumstances not able to be accommodated by
      traditional roller shades.

    A set of horizontally traversing shadecloth panels:
    • Provides a simple and clean alternative to roller shades.
    • Operates in a smooth and succinct motion.
    • Offers the functionality of a room or area divider as well as a window covering.

    WhisperTrac® motorized drapery-track system
    A sophisticated drapery-track system:
    • Offers a choice of two ultra-quiet, powerful motors.
    • Integrates with IR, RS-232, and RS-485 control devices
      along with IQ® switches, and a ZigBee® PRO-based
      MechoRF receiver.
    • Accommodates heavy-weight C.O.M. shadecloth up to
      58 ft (17.5m) long.
    • Provides a flexible track that can be curved to the
      industry's tightest radius—8 in. (20cm).