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SolarTrac — No manual operation required.

① Three roof-mounted radiometers monitor
sky conditions in real time.

② SolarTrac provides SolarEvaluation, utilizing proprietary algorithms, which analyze raw solar-sensor data to determine the sky condition—clear or cloudy.

When cloudy, the shades are raised. When clear,
the shade position is adjusted according to the
sun's angle in the sky.
SolarTrac, the ultimate automatic, computerized WindowManagement® System:
• Is state-of-the-art, PC-based, programmable, and
  controller-based technology.
• Fosters energy savings in buildings by maximizing the
  amount of daylight and views to the outside.
• Protects occupants from brightness, glare, and the
  uncomfortable effects of solar-heat gain.
• Reduces the need for artificial light and air conditioning,
  thereby providing a more energy-efficient environment.
• Offers effective WindowManagement solutions that
  serve as a prerequisite to daylighting.
• Is backed by MechoSystems, the most experienced
   manufacturer of automated roller-shade solutions.

Successful installations of SolarTrac include:
• California’s recently upgraded Gregory Bateson State
  Office Building (originally installed in 1979).
• The New York Times Headquarters Building.
• The LEED® Platinum-rated U.S. Green Building Council    Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

For a more comprehensive list of SolarTrac projects,
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